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Client Comments
"Rick is a member of the visiting faculty in our training and development program. A gifted teacher, he has done a tremendous job of tailoring a professional business writing course for public relations professionals who are enriched by opportunities to enhance their craft. Rick's business experience and hands-on coaching style are an asset to our program." 
Ellie P. Lucas
Executive Vice President
Tunheim Group

"Hiring Rick Holton to handle our grant writing over the past year has been one of our best fundraising decisions. In the nine months leading up to the end of our last fiscal year, $307, 357 or 83% of his grants had been funded, and we had raised more than $1.2 million, exceeding our overall goal by 38%. When we hired Rick, we needed results fast. Through his successful grant writing, he has given us everything we needed and more."
William M. Raeder  
National Braille Press

"Communicating effectively with the written word used to be a struggle for me. Rick Holton showed me how to organize my thoughts and prepare written documents that communicate those thoughts effectively. Now I almost enjoy writing. Public papers and presentations are effective marketing tools, but finding time to prepare them is often difficult. Rick was able to take my thoughts and ideas and quickly turn them into effective and well-received conference papers. "
Karl E. Marietta
Chief Financial Officer
National Central Cooling Company
Abu Dhabi

“If you're offering advice to a client, and that advice is to utilize Rick Holton, your credibility with that client just went up a notch. Rick's ability to translate heartfelt intentions accurately and meaningfully onto paper helps make both me and my client look good.”
Johnny Thompson
Vice President, Account Director
Karwoski & Courage Public Relations

“Rick Holton did an excellent job of taking our thoughts and presenting them in a clear and concise way that communicated exactly what we needed. The proposal that he wrote for us helped us raise $450,000 in funding from state and local agencies to start a new branch office. We look forward to using him in the future!” 
Jeff Stromberg
Ancept, Inc.

"I've always considered myself an above average writer, but I needed someone to help me package my ideas and content for my website. Rick helped me tremendously. He listened carefully to what I had to say, he quickly turned my ideas into clear and concise prose, and best of all, he kept the process moving forward to get me to the goal. This guy is good."  
Jan Grose
Creative HR Solutions, Inc.